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Quest Connection

Macro-economy simulation game
- Trial Mission -

December 26, 2012, Abe LDP regime was established.

Economic policy package LDP had with his campaign promises, "Abenomics" called, inflation target of 2 percent, a bold expansion monetary easing, such as industrial policy and public investment, including the "Plan of Land toughening" by performing simultaneous monetary and fiscal policies to eliminate deflation, this is a collection of policies that attempt to function more effectively.

While immediately after the victory in the general elections the Liberal Democratic Party, rising stock prices and the depreciation of the yen in the market progresses, there is a growing expectation for the implementation of this policy,
"The monetary easing will be hyperinflation."
"It's wasteful handouts. Reverts to public investment is the old LDP."
concerned and criticism for "Abenomics" from critics and the media leaves no after.

Will it really true?

The definition of "hyper-inflation" is inflation rate (consumer prices more than 130 times in one year) 50% month = 13,000% over year. In monetary easing with the goal of 2% inflation, or hyperinflation would happen really? In the waste really, what does not make sense as economic policy is "public investment"?

So, let's try it out!

We is currently in development Macro-economy simulation game "Quest Connection", prior to the release of "Quest Quest (Trial Mission)" is scheduled to publish for the PC browser.

In the free trial mission, "Cause hyper-inflation!" and "Public investment" and so on prepare the mission. With your browsers you can actually reproduce the hyper inflation, investing public, is there any impact on people's lives and how it is integrated, You can enjoy the game, to understand the mechanisms of the macro economy.

Now it is finally released!

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